The Angels

Angels we work with. Each color will have a selection of jewelry/stones

to use for each Chakra corresponding to each angel.

Archangel Gabriel

Red. 1st Chakra (base of spine)


Affirmative Statement: (“I Am” /“I Survive”) Archangel dealing with the area of the body associated with:

stability, security, self-preservation, will power, grounding.


Archangel Ariel

Orange. 2nd Chakra (navel to sex organs)


Affirmative Statement: (“I Feel”/I Want”) Archangel dealing with the area of the body associated with:

intimacy, creativity, desire, sexuality, pleasure, and self-expression.


Archangel Chamuel

Gold. 3rd Chakra (navel to lower rib cage)


Affirmative Statement: (“I Will”) Archangel dealing with enthusiasm, mental strength,

self-empowerment, motivation, life force energy.


Archangel Raphael

Green and Pink. 4th Chakra (heart center)


Affirmative Statement: (“God’s healer”/ “I give”/“I receive“) Archangel dealing with

unconditional love, emotional balance, relationships, mending a broken heart, self-love,

compassion for oneself and others, positive self-talk.


Archangel Michael

Sky Blue. 5th Chakra (throat area)


Affirmative Statement: (“I Speak”) Archangel dealing with communication,

self-expression, inspiration, inner truth, self honesty.


Archangel Metatron

Indigo/Dark Blue/Sea Green. 6th Chakra (brow or 3rd eye area)


Affirmative Statement: (“I see”) Archangel dealing with Insight, clairvoyance,

visualization, inner-vision, psychic perception, self-awareness.


Archangels Uriel and Jophiel

Violet/White/Rainbow. 7th Chakra (center of forehead above brows/crown)


Affirmative Statement: (“I Know”/“I understand”) Archangel dealing with spiritual truth,

high truth, divine information, wisdom, enlightenment.

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