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Welcome to the world of Meditative Jewelry! Let’s explore the joy of gorgeous stones with a PURPOSE! I would like to introduce you to a great new way to interact with and use your jewelry to help you in the emotional and spiritual aspects of your life.


We all love a beautiful piece of real crystal jewelry. Real crystals have their own helpful properties. We know this! We even love gorgeous pieces, with simulated stones with just the right price and sparkle! But, what if I were to tell you that you could use your beautiful jewelry to help you with the issues of life that call for meditation, positive energy, and even the help of loving Archangels?

I also mentioned the positive energy that can boost the effectiveness of your jewelry. Along with the natural link to the healing Archangels, what if the perfect energy vibration was already placed into your new jewelry when it arrives to you? Here, we are all about placing the right ENERGY into your jewelry that will help you to reach your emotional goals even faster..with way more power! Every piece has been energized with the specific vibrations that each Angel/Chakra is associated with! We are trained Energy Coaches with experience in Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Emotrance (EMO), Modern Stress Management, and Energy Healing of all kinds. For example, if a customer is looking to feel more expressive, and open about vocalizing their thoughts and opinions with confidence and ease, I would suggest a light blue Archangel Michael piece to help them with that. Then, here, we would put all of the positive vibrations into that jewelry that are associated with that Chakra/Angel. That will lead to a precise focus on all the energy issues that need help. Along with the customized meditations and instructions we will will provide you, the positive energy that we place into your charm, and the Archangels that offer assistance naturally, you cannot go wrong! Every jewelry item has been cleansed and treated this way, one at a time, with the individual needs of each client in mind.

Did you know that each Archangel has a specific color vibration? Their colors can help you to invoke these angels to come into your energetic world and assist you with their loving presence. Did you know that each Archangel has a specific chakra(along with their color)involving emotional/energetic issues in that part of the body? In these areas, they can offer support, guidance and assistance!


So what if we used the color of our stones as a focal point of meditation on one of those areas, and sought the support of one of these loving Angels? It would be pretty amazing! Well...look no further because that is exactly what we offer here!


For each piece you will be given a special invocation or mantra, with instructions for visualization, and chakra clearing for each color/Chakra/Emotional Area, along with a meditation guide for each. You will also get detailed instructions for the care of your Meditative Jewelry, to get the optimum service and value from your pieces.

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